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System Requirements
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CompReview was designed to support Human Resource professionals manage the complexity of local focal point merit review and stock award processes. Our software solution will assist you in building a strong relationship between pay and performance while closely managing the allocation of human capital costs.

CompReview will improve your ability to recognize differences in individual performance in relation to your competitive market data, thus providing you an opportunity to effectively reward outstanding performance. Our solution supports:

  Annual, focal point and anniversary date cycles
  Pay for performance philosophy
  Salaried and hourly employees
  Base salary, incentive pay, stock and total compensation
  Pay decision-making at the line manager level
  Adherence to compensation guidelines


Compreview guides system users through logical workflow steps from product configuration and data imports, through matrix modeling and costing, pay action and stock award decision-making including manager review and approval, reporting and data exports to payroll and equity-based systems. Our solution has numerous built-in features designed to provide flexibility for the Human Resources team and line managers including:

  Modeling and costing tools
  Data import and exports
  Current and historical employment records
  User defined set-up and business rule logic
  "Reports to" and HR manager hierarchies
  Management reporting tools
  System security


System Requirements:

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Web Server: IIS or Apache  
Database: Oracle 8i or higher (ODBC), MS SQL2000 (ODBC) or Postgres 7.1 or higher  
Browser: IE 6.0+ or Netscape 4.7+  
Disk Space

Application - 10MB (Web Server)
Data - Approx. 1MB per 1,000 employees per review


Workstation: 400 MHZ, 128 MB RAM (minimum configuration)
Servers: 1 GHZ, 1 GB RAM (minimum configuration)

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