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Table Driven Incentive Management - CompIncentive

CompIncentive is designed to interface with HRIS and financial/statistical systems to gather data essential to the calculation and reporting of incentive pay. Our software solution will assist you in building a stronger relationship between variable pay and performance results in your organization, thus positively impacting both your top and bottom lines.

CompIncentive supports a wide array of short and long-term incentive plans and variable pay concepts including:

  • Financial and Non-Financial Measures
  • Company, Team and Individual Incentives
  • Sales Commission
  • Gain Sharing
  • Pool Based
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Cash, Equity and Deferred Compensation Payment Methods

CompIncentive has numerous built-in features designed to provide flexibility for the user including:

  • HRIS interface for required employment records and associated tables
  • Financial and non-financial results interface (G/L, statistical, goal based measures)
  • User controlled plan design & setup with components, payout charts, plan variations, etc.
  • User defined and maintained organizational structure for calculation and reporting requirements
  • Assignment builder with user controlled features (e.g., defines job assignments and prorating)
  • Business rule builder for incentive plan general provisions (e.g., employee status changes)
  • Calculation engine for processing incentives at the company, team, cost center or individual level
  • Calculation reporting by participant summarizing calculation details
  • Management reporting (standard reports and ad hoc report writer)
  • Payroll interface for incentive payment transmittals
  • Financial accrual process for providing financial operations with incentive cost estimates
  • Modeling evaluator provides management with analysis tools to evaluate new compensation programs
  • System security
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